Adventures in HomeCinema: Audio /4 Multi Bass


  • New subwoofer alone was ok,
  • subwoofer with Parametric Equalizer (PEQ) was quite good,
  • therefore I will buy a second subwoofer.

The second subwoofer was basically a Christmas gift fore me. Now after some setup and testing, both are working and everything sounds really good.


  • better bass at main listening position (MLP; in front of cinema screen)
  • better bass at secondary listening position (SLP; at desktop in front of computer monitors)
  • better bass at other possible places

Initial idea:

  • configure one subwoofer for SLP (desktop), then
  • configure second subwoofer against the first configuration for MLP

This unfortunately didn’t really worked out. It didn’t sound good, and it was hard to configure at all.

Final setup:

  • my PEQ (Minidsp 2×4 HD) can save multiple different configurations
  • official software only runs under Windows, but minidsp-rs allows me to change the config even under Linux
  • therefore I just created two completely different configurations, and just switch whenever necessary

In conclusion the 2 subwoofers and PEQ really made a big difference in comparison to just one subwoofer. Especially for multiple listening positions, and listening experiences (music vs cinema).