More blog posts in 2022

Some thoughts about how to write a little bit more / easier, and which things are in my way achieving this.

These are some very good posts about how and what about one could write:

“Blogging principles I use”

  • be honest about what I know
  • try to not write anything (too) wrong
  • be positive
  • write for a past version of myself
  • stick to my own experience
  • talk about what I’ve learned recently
  • remember it’s OK if not everyone likes it

“Blog about what you’ve struggled with”

  • it’s not about the struggle, it’s about what you learned
  • what you struggled with shows you what to focus on
  • it can take years to figure out what you learned
  • write it down while you still remember what was hard
  • advanced mode: write about other people’s struggles
  • sometimes you just haven’t learned enough about a topic yet (and that’s ok)
  • it’s a bit weird to be vulnerable on the internet
  • you can practice identifying what you learned
  • talk to a friend or coworker to figure out what you’ve learned
  • why I like writing about what I learned in public
  • I really should try to follow these basic points.

Perceived problems, and potential solutions

Now to my perceived problems, and potential solutions:

image insertions

  • getting pictures from my phone and into a post feels cumbersome.
  • Already using the Airdrop app, and I believe there is no easier way without Bluetooth or using a cable.

writing itself

  • composing thoughts and bringing them coherently “to paper” is harder then it sounds.
  • Nothing can be done about this than writing more.

multiple projects or thoughts

  • I used to hold the idea that I should work on a single thing, finish it, and then move to the next. This is obviously a bad way to go about it…
  • Keep notes when working on something or thoughts arise, and publish a refined version when ready.

weekly posts

  • are a fun idea, but put a lot pressure on you, especially when there is no real value to it — except to force you to write more. Writing more is good, but it should not necessarily be coupled with the publishing itself.
  • Better put some time per week aside to write; and publish when ready.

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