Supplement that I take

Just a short overview over every supplement I usually take.

My personal guidelines for which/if to take a supplement are

  • ROI: cost vs potential benefits
  • potential benefits: how well studied / safe is it
  • potential benefits: are they applicable to me / my goals

In general you don’t really need to take anything, unless there are actual deficiencies. But there is also a difference between having just enough of something, or having optimal amounts; this is the gap I try to bridge.

I usually take

  • protein powder as needed (meal plan)
  • creatine, fish oil and vitamin D with my breakfast
  • everything else gets mixed in my greek yoghurt mix, which I eat every evening.

Protein Pulver

Creatine Monohydrate

  • improvement in strength and power output during resistance exercise


  • against allergies

Fisch oil

  • general wellness
  • against muscle soreness


  • against allergies
  • against muscle soreness
  • potential for joint health

Vitamin D

  • general wellness

especial in COVID and home office times

Collagen Protein

  • potential joint health
  • skin health

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