Some diet tips

Diets are always hard if you don’t know how to do them πŸ˜‰
Everything here is for “normal” weight loss, down to 15% or so, where the abs are beginning to show.

Here are some tips that have helped me:

  • Calories in / calories out are the single biggest weight loss driver
    This means, that calories consumed mused be reduced, and daily activity should remain, or slightly increase
  • Protein is more filling than carbs and fat
    and it helps keep the muscles, when you keep training
  • Volume and regularity of meals helps with hunger
    instead of just removing things to eat, or removing whole meals altogether, try to keep the volume similar by replacing foods.
  • Water fills also
  • Hunger before meals is ok, and normal.
    But you should not be always be hungy. Fruits and vegetables are great snacks.
  • Sleep more.
  • Still try to enjoy foods. Skipping breakfast at the weekend to enjoy some icecream instead? Yes please.
    Small treats and gifts for yourself are important to keep going, and make the journey not to bland.
  • Eating out: minimize
  • Eating out with friends / parties: It is ok to occasionally indulge a little bit, when the situation arises
    Just be mindful about the foods and portions
    You don’t need to eat a whole cake

That’s most of it, I believe. Nothing special, and posted everywhere else.
There is no magic trick to do it.

6 weeks down I now am at 3kg less weight πŸ˜€

New diet plan, but manual

One of the last goals of this year was to get a bit leaner. I am well-versed in counting calories, having successfully used it to loose weight at the beginnings of my fitness journey.

The first steps at the time were of course some online tools, but I found them horrible unusable. Therefore I wrote my own Python based command line tool. It was equally horrible to use, but streamlined to my needs.

This worked, I lost weight, and after some time being comfortable with myself, the weight slowly increased.

Now, the tools are not really less horrible to use (tried fddb and myfitnesspal) and my old Python script is broken.

A few months back i tried to wrote something new and better with Electron and typescript, but things always got broken, and learning UI while always fighting the tools really left me dispirited. Nothing against the tools, they obviously work, but it didn’t really fit how I liked to use them.

The latest iteration is completely manual. On paper (together with a spreadsheet).

It is not as bad as I first had guessed.

Only calories and protein is tracked. Protein is rounded to the nearest 5, and calories are rounded always up to the nearest 50. It’s less to write, easier to calculate, and should cover the most important numbers. The weight itself is tracked via the median, maximum and minimum weights per week. I try to weigh myself always after breakfast, which usually includes something to eat and a cup of tea.

I have been doing this for 3 weeks now, and it gets the job done for now πŸ™‚

Supplement that I take

Just a short overview over every supplement I usually take.

My personal guidelines for which/if to take a supplement are

  • ROI: cost vs potential benefits
  • potential benefits: how well studied / safe is it
  • potential benefits: are they applicable to me / my goals

In general you don’t really need to take anything, unless there are actual deficiencies. But there is also a difference between having just enough of something, or having optimal amounts; this is the gap I try to bridge.

I usually take

  • protein powder as needed (meal plan)
  • creatine, fish oil and vitamin D with my breakfast
  • everything else gets mixed in my greek yoghurt mix, which I eat every evening.

Protein Pulver

Creatine Monohydrate

  • improvement in strength and power output during resistance exercise


  • against allergies

Fisch oil

  • general wellness
  • against muscle soreness


  • against allergies
  • against muscle soreness
  • potential for joint health

Vitamin D

  • general wellness

especial in COVID and home office times

Collagen Protein

  • potential joint health
  • skin health