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As stated in the last post about my cinema, for me there are two concrete possible solutions for my bass problems, a
  • (Parametric) Equaliser (PEQ), and an
  • additional subwoofer.

After having implemented one, I will also doing the other. Not because it is bad or not working, but there are now other… “problems”.

Because of the immediate cost, und potential future additions, the chosen solution for now is the PEQ.

Parametric Equaliser: minidsp 2×4 HD

The minidsp 2×4 HD box was very easy to install: just plug the audio wires and power in, and then connect per USB with it.

I choose this PEQ because of the apparent easy and fast setup in conjunction with REW and a measurement mic. And it really was easy to quickly get good results in a timely manner.

Setup with REW

REW has a module to generate PEQ configurations, among others for the minidsp 2×4 HD.

The procedure is pretty simple:

  • measure the subwoofer at your preferred listening position
  • start the REW PEQ module with this measurement
  • configure your target curve, how you would like to have the subwoofer responded
  • let the REW PEQ module calculate the parameters for the 2×4 HD.
  • load the parameters into the 2×4 HD.
  • profit

A subsequent control measurement with the PEQ versus the target curve shows a very good approximation.

Further improvements

Bass at the main listening position is now pretty good. The control measurement shows only a small dip now, but it is not as significant.

A remaining problem now is way too much bass in music at my second listening position at my desk.

Because if these I will definitely add a second subwoofer to eliminate the remaining dip, and hopefully also get to lower the bass while listening music. Another improvement could be to use the bass from the tower speakers, even though most sources don’t recommend this.

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