How I brew a decent cup of coffee

Just a short post how I make my coffee at home. In case I forget something ^^. We have a coffee automate at work, when visiting relatives I usually get ok drip coffee or horrible capsule coffee.

Therefore I like to taste something different at home: french press coffee. Additionally it doesn’t produce waste and is easy to clean.

0. Tools

  • Beans
  • French press
  • Grinder

The taste of the beans contribute the most to the overall taste. Therefore try different kinds to get a coffee to your liking.


1. Grinding

The granularity of the ground coffee powder determines how it should be further processed ( And the taste changes a bit. Again try different settings to find a granularity that fits your taste.

For a french press I aim for medium coarse. I like to have some fine particles in my coffee.

Boil the water while grinding. Both will be ready at the same time.

2. Pour some water

Fill the glas jar with water until the coffee ground is under water.

Wait 2 minutes und then stir.

3. Fill with water

Pour the remaining water in.

4. Press

After 5 minutes, slowly press down.

5. Enjoy


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